Transition from a religious to a secular society in america

Find something more productive with which to occupy yourself. If physics made the cosmos, and geology the Earth, that left men to make political society. Inthe name was changed to morning assembly to also incorporate elements of social life and culture, but even at this point they tended to have a Christian character.

But there was no statement detailing secularism, no birth announcement, no manifesto. What I do see is disparaging and harsh condemnation from the orthodox who want to treat gays as second-class citizens and evil-doers. Read More. Where there is money, there will be plenty of people who wish to spend that money for their own agenda.

Joe Smith 5 years 6 months ago I'm not referring to this specific issue though.

secular education in america

Such a change in religious supply was accompanied by additional deregulation of the religious market: religious norms ceased to exist as general and informal social norms; instead, religion became a free choice not only legally but also socially.

Sometimes the two reinforce one another. When a movie like The Passion of the Christ makes gargantuan amounts of money, it really does feel like an exception from the norm, because indeed it is.

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Religion and Secularism: The American Experience