This is a job chrarcteristcs model essay

One purchasing manager, who under the old system had substantial leeway in finding and negotiating vendor agreements, had his freedom significantly altered as the system automated the selection process.

Job diagnostic model

Org tenure 5. The training programs were conducted separately for each organizational unit by organization position. If an employee is deficient in the autonomy and feedback characteristic, the motivation score will be low. Pages: 4 Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all the help you need with your essay and educational goals. The average age of the participants was Responsibility at work means that you as an employee have granted the opportunity to be a success or failure at work because freedom has been granted to you. In contrast, task identity and task ignificance had direct, positive effects on job satisfaction and these effects were not moderated. This is an example of low autonomy. The average job satisfaction score was a little over 4. According to Ireland, If you are a typical college student, your habitat is your campus. In this section, we provide details about the participants, technology, measurement, and procedure. The variance inflation factors VIFs in our various model tests were less than 5—well below the threshold of 10 Aiken and West , suggesting that multicollinearity is not a concern. Flextime—This is a system wherein employees choose their starting and quitting times from a range of available hours. We theorized that the relationships between the five job characteristics in JCM and job satisfaction would be moderated by ERP system implementation.

A worker who simply tightens nuts on some parts of spacecraft assembly perceives his job as more significant than a worker who tightens a nut on a table or a chair, even though both jobs require similar skills.

Given that our focus was not on individual characteristics per se, we included some simple variables as controls. The purpose of measuring perceived job transformation was as a manipulation check to determine whether the ERP system implementation created a change in jobs. The training programs were conducted separately for each organizational unit by organization position.

Job design theory

In this short report, a few models that have been studied, and how they work within a software-based company, will be discussed. Although we did not have any data from the nonrespondents, we found that the percentage of women, average age, and percentages of employees in various organizational levels in the sample were consistent with those in the sampling frame. While often hailed as a way to make employees more effective and efficient in their jobs, this research illustrated a contingent relationship between the implementation of an ERP system and well-established theoretical linkages between job characteristics and job satisfaction. While some employees spanned job types, we asked them to choose the job type based on the dominant set of job activities during a typical work week. Thus, framed against calls in the academic literature to theorize richly about specific contexts of change Herold et al. What are three alternative work arrangements of flextime, job sharing, and telecommuting? Discussion Many have cited the need for greater interaction between technology and organization research e. Everybody there was a lifer. The better a work scores on each dimension, the better the degree of intrinsic motivation. Our results suggested that the influence of ERP system implementation may be more complex than previously thought, at least in the immediate MIS Quarterly Vol. By logic, the misalignment between job characteristics and personality creates meaninglessness. Autonomy can come from workplace structures such as leadership styles, company structure, telecommuting and etc. The basic thesis of the JCM is that various job characteristics together influence job satisfaction. The JCM is recognized as one of the key employee motivation theories for an organization Ramlall,

Further, research shows that the some of the predictor variables in this work i. We received 2, usable responses across all points of measurement, resulting in an effective response rate of just over 82 percent.

All scales were reliable, with Cronbach alphas greater than or equal to. Task identity ERP Feedback? I will analyze my organizational issue with the following two core concepts: autonomy and the job characteristics model.

This is a job chrarcteristcs model essay

The preimplementation measures were collected four months prior to the ERP system implementation and the post-implementation measures were collected eight months after the implementation. Gender Age Organization position Organization tenure Administration 1 vs. Most of the hypotheses were supported; however, contrary to our expectations that all of the job characteristics would be moderated by ERP system implementation, two job characteristics—namely, task significance and task identity H1, H2 —did not have a significant interaction effect. High identity: A carpenter, who plans a piece of chair, selects the wood, builds the item, and finishes it to excellence. Recent research suggests that organizational benefits become more prominent in the second and third years following implementation Gattiker and Goodhue Thus, similar to the logic for changes in task identity, we believe ERP system implementation will moderate the relationship between autonomy and job satisfaction. Some people have strong growth needs for accomplishment, challenge and self-actualization and others may have low growth needs or no growth needs at all.

For example, Xie and Johns found a nonlinear U-shaped relationship between an additive index of the different job characteristics and stress. Yet, in this context, the results suggest that the demands associated with learning the new skills required following ERP system implementation had a detrimental influence on job satisfaction, a finding that is likely to resonate with IS professionals who have actually had to implement such systems.

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