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European Agency for Safety and Health at Work. This can shift the demand for some types of human labor, eliminating some jobs and creating new ones. The view that technology is a prime cause of job displacement is bolstered by the concern that some technologies such as AI have the ability to replace something previously exclusive to humans: intelligence EOP Topics :.

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Next read this:. It's a great way for companies to scale their workforce based on demand, but also for workers who want to quickly add new skills to their resume by taking on short-term projects. Artificial intelligence and work.

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More broadly, these technologies have important implications, both intended and unintended, in areas from education and social relationships to privacy, security, and even democracy. Rather than thinking about entire occupations being eliminated that is, technology as a substitute for human laborthere is value in addressing the issue in terms of specific tasks within occupations being automated that is, technology as a complement to human labor.

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Paul Schulte & John Howard: The impact of technology on work and the workforce