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Step 1 of SWOT analysis: In this stage, company must involve in the collection and evaluation of authentic data. Provincial Health Departments also.

It is important to address all internal and external threats to prevent disruption to the support given the nonprofit's cause.

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The PHC services package include: treatment of minor ailments and referral to the first level care facilities FLCF when required, registration of pregnant mothers for antenatal care, ensuring clean and safe delivery, counselling of pregnant and lactat-ing mothers in related issues, screening of neonates for problems requiring referral, weight monitoring of the children under three years of age, counselling regarding breast feeding and weaning, counselling of eligible couples regarding family planning, and provision of medicines and contraceptives to patients and clients.

These are factors that are under control, but company must need to improve to effectively accomplish its marketing objectives.

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URL: www. There has been a wide recognition of the programme among the political arena and all government quarters. State the problem as effectively and precisely as possible- Refer to any research data that is available, including publications, reports, newspapers etc. It can be the measurable changes expected as a result of the project. NGOs come in many shapes and sizes. It is important to address all internal and external threats to prevent disruption to the support given the nonprofit's cause. LHWs can be instrumental in strengthening the referral of vulnerable patients particularly the women and children to ensure timely and appropriate health care seeking to save lives [23]. The following are the common problems we facewhile trying to write a proposal: Confused about the format?

BHUs and other areas, the linkages are poor due to inherent weaknesses in the health system itself. They may miss promising prospects for trade development because of their focus on the marginalized.

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Khan, K. An exploratory qualitative research methodology was well an HKMIS performs, depends on these influential factors adopted to conduct this study. The assessment and technology along with demographic information of the evaluation of these factors is done by using an exploratory population [13], [14].

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Weaknesses On the contrary, weaknesses are those internal factors that hinder the working capability and negatively affect the Fig. The working [9] World Health Organization. This helped processing of collective information and data at centralized many healthcare organizations round the globe to implement data processing facility, improvement in data quality, data new healthcare management information systems HMIS. This will help reveal the cause of the problem. The process enables the communities to identify appropriate females for jobs providing sense of ownership to the communities. The best way to understand the cause of an issue is to as Why continuously. You need to address the problem and connect it to the real world.

Sauerborn, and C. Statistics [25] M.

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Swot Analysis of Ngo