Strategic marketing plan for a hotel

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Check out this great example from The W Chicago. Future visitors want to know this. Every hotel in your city or region will be competing for similar search terms, so try to target keywords that will help you stand out from the competition.

Providing you complete your listing properly, with the features listed above, Google My Business makes your hotel website instantly more accessible to travellers searching on Google.

We need to print brochures with high quality photographs as well as on high quality paper.

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Strategic PPC and Display Ads The best way to drive traffic to your website — and your booking portal — is by using search and display ads. How Does it Benefit Hotels? Add links to Facebook on your website and emails This is a simple way to give your Facebook page more exposure, especially to potential guests.

Maintaining a blog is the best way to do this and ensure your content is always fresh. Even those who have been slower on the uptake, baby boomers for instance, are more or less being forced in the same direction.

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Mostly male, they tend to be lower income travellers.

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5 Basics That Every Hotel Marketing Plan Should Include