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Conclusion There can be no doubt that a strong and free press is crucial to the functioning of any democracy.

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Essay on Freedom of Press and Judiciary — Essay 1 words Introduction A free press and a free judiciary are two very important cornerstones of a democracy. The press puts a check upon these types of tendencies by pin pointing the lapses of the party in power. These freedom of press essays have been written in simple yet effective sentences to convey a fact based information.

The limitations are listed in Article 19 2 and restrict freedom of speech and expression if said freedom interferes with the following: Security of the State Sovereignty and Integrity of India Public Order Friendly Relations with Foreign States Contempt of Court Decency or Morality The offence of sedition as laid out in Article A is also something that can be used to curb the freedom of the media.

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This is not mere speculation. The media has undoubtedly evolved and become more active over the years.

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The Indian people need to remember that in order to have a strong democracy they need a strong and free press. The flow of information has increased manifolds. Are the news media biased? Media is affected by many factors that influence the nature of the information received.

Should the content of Internet be regulated? We base most of our knowledge on government news updates, not experience unless our parents are politicians. This means a citizenry that is woefully uninformed and, therefore, powerless. The two systems also act as checks and balances for each other.

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