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The microcontroller does the function of Reading the digital input from two infrared receivers and calculates the number of persons from them.

literature review of automatic room light controller with bidirectional visitor counter

The ASEM 51 assembler takes an assemble language source file created with a text editor and translate it into a machine language object file. But in this design, we are controlling the electrical loads remotely using RF Technology.

Automatic street light control system literature review

Address Latch Enable output pulse for latching the low order byte of the address during accesses to external memory. While the software part is mainly the programming implementation on the PIC. In chapter 4, it presents the detail design work and discusses the system, test carried out, Expected results, and Performance evaluation. AC or DC? The act of soldering must be mastered and judiciously applied. This person count will be incremented if somebody enters inside the room and at that time lights are turned on. And that time Relay will get Voltage and triggered so light will get voltage and it will turn on. Can u suggest any other sensors which will detect only human being or human body? Dip trace is a circuit designing software. And when counter will be 00 that time Relay will be turned off. The circuit breakers rearly saves fire outbreaks The existing system doesnot have counter, which can lead to so many security loopholes and determination of the number of people in a room would be impossible.

If adequate heat sinking is provided, they can deliver over 1A output current. Kuchta, R. And the microcontroller is pre-programmed. All parts use the same CPU instruction set. When the relay operates and releases. In big environments such as petrochemical industries, whenever there is fire outbreak, it turns out to be so fierce that people run away for the sake of their lives.

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LCD display placed outside the room displays this value of person count. And if there insufficient sunlight in the room then only the relay will be turned on so as to turn on the bulb. The connection of wires interwoven to each other sometimes can cause discouragement, to say the least. The total design and development of any microcontroller based system typically involves three. But leaving the room, the infrared will do the task and the counter decrements. To provide for the other microcontroller control signal, most of the pins have alternate functions, which are described in this section. The IC in the transmitter side is to generate 36 kHz square wave. You are on page 1of 2 Search inside document This project is an implementation to the idea of automatic visitor counting and load controlling using a microcontroller.

The Power-down mode saves the RAM con- tents but freezes the oscillator, disabling all other chip functions until the next interrupt or hardware reset.

I strongly recommend that the department should see this project as a priceless possession and should endeavor to provide financial assistance and more research works relating to this project to support and encourage students embarking on this type of project so as to be used to be used not only in homes but also in offices, schools etc.

In a PNP transistor, the emitter arrow point the other way.

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