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They talk and laugh a great deal too much for me. She was a clever young woman, who understood the art of pleasing; the art of pleasing, at least, at Kellynch-hall; and who had made herself so acceptable to Miss Elliot, as to have been already 3 4 3.

I never saw quite so wretched an example of what a sea-faring life can do; but to a degree, I know it is the same with them all: they are all knocked about, and exposed to every climate, and every weather, till they are not fit to be seen.

His two other children were of very inferior value.

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He expected to be given command of a ship and assigned to a part of the world that would allow him to capture many enemy vessels. They must retrench; that did not admit of a doubt.

But soon afterwards, rising and pacing the room, he observed sarcastically, "There are few among the gentlemen of the navy, I imagine, who would not be surprised to find themselves in a house of this description.

It sharply ironizes Austen's well-known profession to her brother about "the little bit two Inches wide of Ivory on which I work with so fine a Brush, as produces little effect after much labour.

I assure you, I have not seen a soul this whole long morning. He had always been lucky; he knew he should be so still.

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But now, another occupation and solicitude of mind was beginning to be added to these. With these supports, she hoped that the acquaintance between herself 8. The navy consisted of three squadrons, Red, White, and Blue. I have had all my own little concerns to arrange—books and music to divide, and all my trunks to repack, from not having understood in time what was intended as to the waggons. It was with a daughter of Mr. From situation, Mrs. Idealism is deflated and deconstructed. A light, open carriage drawn by four horses. Freckles do not disgust me so very much as they do him: I have known a face not materially disfigured by a few, but he abominates them.

T h e house and grounds, and furniture, were approved, the Crofts were approved, terms, time, every thing, and every body, was right; and Mr. Her father was growing distressed for money.

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Persuasion (Norton Critical Editions)