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Select the preview tab on the left of the dialogue box. For custom page sizes, the preview shows how the media fits on the custom output device; the maximum supported media dimensions of the output device; and the settings for offset, gap, and transverse.

The preview has three views: Standard view Displays the relationship of a document page to the media.

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This option is unavailable when you are printing separations. However, because PostScript is the standard page-description language for professional publishing, many high-end color and graphics features, such as screen frequencies or color separations, cannot be reproduced on non-PostScript printers.

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It will be available for future use, listed using the name you designated, in the paper size drop down menu. Print documents with multiple page sizes You may want to print pages that have different sizes separately.

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To conserve imagesetter film or paper, however, select the smallest paper size that will accommodate your document and the necessary printing information. In the Setup tab: Confirm the correct paper size. If you do it backwards, your print is likely to fail. In general, a document printed to a non-PostScript printer should look the way it appears on-screen when you view the document using Preview Mode. Note: If Custom is not available, the PPD you selected when you set up your printer does not support custom paper sizes. To change the placement of the page on the film, enter a value for Offset. Compare the following examples of an image printed by InDesign with Transverse selected and deselected. The page size might be US Letter 8. You can conserve a considerable amount of film or paper by using Transverse in conjunction with Offset. This option is available only if the printer driver identifies the printer as non-PostScript. Note: The imageable area will vary by PPD file, even for the same paper size for example, Letter , because different printers and imagesetters define the sizes of their imageable areas differently. A deleted paper format cannot be restored.

A good example is printing a custom greeting card or thank you card. If everything looks correct. Visible Layers Prints or outputs all visible layers, even if they are set as nonprinting in Layer Options. If you do it backwards, your print is likely to fail. For example, entering a value of 30 points in the Offset option shifts your page 30 points to the right.

The Offset value specifies the amount of space along the left side of the imageable area. Click the preview image in the lower-left area of the Print dialog box.

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