How do you write a design brief for food

Materials and components - what you could use to make your product Did the range of food items include a special dessert to share for dinner on Saturday night? This must show the sequence of making, quality control, health and safety points.

Was all of the food able to be prepared several weeks in advance and did it have good keeping qualities? List In the pantry there is many types of pasta, rice, flours, tin tomatoes and tomato paste, a range of sauces, noodles, a taco kit and some onions, potatoes and garlic.

food design challenge

You include a detailed time plan to ensure a consistent product. Design and make a low fat main meal product which could be sold in a major retail outlet.

Are you an independent worker? Planning Your final design ask yourself - What I am making and why? You can also analyse such headings as storage, packaging, moral, social and ethical issues. Generating: Generate two ideas that would fit the brief.

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Food Design Briefs