Essay on my favourite subject science

You need to say why from the beginning. My parents bought me different types of colours including pencil colours, crayons and water colours. These real life stories are far more intriguing than any of the works of fiction. Favorite subject Why?

My favourite subject science for class 5

Write your schedule for that day. He wishes them well from his heart. I have also leaned sketching and glass painting. I have read in depth about how the British invaded our country and the way they began ruling it. Joining abacus helped me enhance my knowledge about the subject. I have also started following French artists and listening to French songs. It is also a motivating factor for me. My mother introduced fun ways of learning addition by the use of different things such as spoons, oranges, soft toys. Conclusion Science is an absolute necessity and its principles are applied in almost all of our everyday activities and gadgets, devices or instruments we use. After class I have volleyball for two hours. I try to enhance my skills even further.

Judging from the responses, we have many readers who enjoy Science, English and Mathematics classes. How can I watch TV up there? Not WHY you like it. Environmental Studies — Another Favourite Subject As I was promoted to standard I, few new subjects were introduced and environmental study was one of them.

It was something new and fresh and thus I was interested in it. We also require drawing diagrams in this subject and this is also one of the reasons it is one of my favourite subjects. While mathematics is the favourite subject of some students others find it too difficult and despise it.

paragraph on my favourite subject english

All the other lessons require us to sit down and stare into space. I learn how animals and plants live under different climatic conditions. I eat lunch at

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My favourite subject is Science