Emerging trends of aviation industry in india

Emerging trends of aviation industry in india

The public sector carrier flies on these routes on its own, unlike Jet Airways which operates on code-share basis. Some of the emerging trends of the Aviation industry are as follows - The operations of the aviation industry are being conducted smoothly because of the usage of the technology that is periodically updated and the state of the art automation.

indian aviation industry analysis 2019

The other clear trend that has emerged in recent years is the firm preference for low budget airlines by air travelers. The government has per cent FDI under automatic route in scheduled air transport service, regional air transport service and domestic scheduled passenger airline.

Indian aviation industry analysis 2018

This could include in-seat immigration, biometric payment, and choosing entertainment options based on personal preference. In FY19, domestic aircraft movement stood at 2. In a move to strengthen its international operation, Jet Airways has set up its hub in Brussels. TNN Nov 30, , Unlike smaller business jets which can be cramped for longer intercontinental journeys, the ACJ, the largest business jet in the market today, allows corporate users to have distinct work and rest areas. Invision Air plans to fly VLJs for air taxi service Air taxis operated with small aircraft called very light jets or VLJs - a phenomenon that has captured the imagination of the North American market - will soon make an entry into India. International traffic too is expected to go up from 1. The government has initiated steps to commercialise 'ballooning aviation' to herald a new era in adventure tourism - balloon safari. The aircraft first flew last July, and is currently carrying out the certification flight test campaign in order to enter service in mid Invision Air, a Mumbai-based telecom antenna company getting into the general aviation business beginning next year, is planning to launch an air taxi by

Huge Investments in Air Travel Given the huge investments being planned for the civil aviation sector, it is clear that the country is poised for a big leap in the arena of air travel.

On the other hand, an airship is a buoyant aircraft which is propelled through the air in a controlled manner.

This is a major challenge as it involves huge costs associated with them.

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The number of players in the industry still remains fairly large but these are now the ones that will be there for the long run. Being a greenfield project, Bangalore International Airport will be able to expand to cater to the traffic growth. FDI allowance in airlines in India would only deteriorate the situation for already bleeding home grown airlines. Each member firm is a separate legal entity. It can only be hoped that the policy environment continues to be conducive to its growth so that the industry can realize its full potential in the coming years. So what makes this such an attractive proposition? Ideally we would want to launch daily flights from Bangalore. As of July , there were nearly aircraft being operated by scheduled airline operators in India. The government should strive to make Indian industry an integral part of the global aerospace and defence supply chain.

The airline is part of Premier Tours and Travel, a ticketing and travel agency company in Chennai, and plans an initial investment of Rs 40 crore in the new business. AAI received 32 technical bids from ten companies.

By Sushma Ramachandran New Delhi. The members of the alliance together fly to destinations in countries.

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