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Am I right? If you depend on an electric powered well pump, save money to buy a manual pump because without water…there is no survival. The United Nations report says the number of slum dwellers will pass the 1bn mark in , which means that one in three city residents will live in inadequate housing with no or few basic services. The UN praises countries in north Africa, including Morocco and Tunisia, which have reduced the growth of city slums. In general, city people have higher income than country people so their life is very convenient and comfortable. But I just call it country style. Couples in the country have more time to tend to their families, unlike couples in the city families who work, grab some grub, and continue with their workdays. The report analyses more than of the world's cities. Now, what do city people and country folks do all day? Country pupils do not know what computers and experimental laboratories are so everything they can get from their teachers is only theory. But it says that the situation is worsening quickly in many sub-Saharan African countries. Share via Email More people will live in cities than in the countryside next year, for the first time in the history of the human race, a UN report said yesterday - and a growing number of them will be living in slums. While small town King City C. The most formal meals city dwellers are likely to have are business dinners. The same can be said for living in a big city such as Los Angeles, CA.

And then a couples miles away from the city of rushing people, traffic of yellow taxis, and tall sky-scrapers, there are fields and fields of carrots, cabbage and potatoes.

Now, what do city people and country folks do all day? The Goddess follow the life of a mother forced into prostitution and her struggle to put her son through education.

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The first difference between the city dwellers and the country dwellers which is very easily realized is the relationships of neighbors. Mrs Tibaijuka said the trend threatened one of the UN's key millennium development goals: to improve the lives of at least m slum dwellers by And get to know your neighbors.

Not hardly.

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There has always been the debate over country life and city life. It adds that urban growth and slum expansion rates are nearly identical in some regions, and that the world's urban poor are rapidly becoming one of its biggest problems.

City Life: The Drawbacks The problem with life in the cities, though, is that it encourages and nurtures a dependent mindset and anonymity. When you live around people from all over the world, you get to see first hand that most immigrants are normal, hard-working people, just with cool accents and better food.

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We eat foods that are handmade and simple, while city people eat foods that are mass-produced and unnecessarily fancy. The sight that lay before my eyes was not only very disturbing but also very common at State University. Current trends suggest the number of urban dwellers will rise to almost 5bn by , out of a world total of 8. Common stress relievers for country dwellers might be reading, knitting, quilting, or crafting. But I just call it country style. In the country, houses and yards are larger, so animals have more space to run. The city also offers more choices when it comes to employment and education.

Consider, also, that virtually every product on store shelves is delivered via wheelers. City dwellers have their jobs and there are a lot of other relationships in their companies, their life which must be dealt with.

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In the country, houses and yards are larger, so animals have more space to run.

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City Dwellers or Country Folk: Who’s Better Prepared for a Disaster?