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But in conscious political situations, such behaviour will normally be rapidly brought to a halt by other rioters having a word.

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Not one of these deaths have resulted with a successful prosecution against the police officers involved; in fact, no police officer has been found guilty as a result of a death in custody in the past forty years.

Fortunately for sociology, but unfortunately for the rioters, the police conducted a massive investigation in the months afterwards.

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Back in the real world we are left wanting better answers and they make some time in coming. Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London, said: "Never forget that the people who did this were criminals and that their behaviour was criminal behaviour and it is in no way justified. Unfortunately, in the short term, what we are likely to see is a massive ramping-up of police repression, in an attempt to ensure that the good name of London is not tarnished by the events so that they can build for the Olympics. This is a dangerous phenomenon: once the rioters have been successfully made into sub-humans in the public consciousness, the opportunity for new levels of repression opens up. I think politically, things have worsened for those people. But it would be false to assume that the riots were an organised protest, masterminded by criminal gangs they only accounted for a minority of arrests , or that they were overwhelmingly linked to issues about race and policing. An illegal gun was found at the scene. London riots: What caused the Tottenham riots? The conference will present different perspectives and offer ways forward. In Birmingham this did lead to tragedy and the deaths of three members of one such informal squad. The spread of the rioting Rioting spread all across England over the following three nights, with significant disturbances being reported in Birmingham, Salford, Liverpool, Nottingham, Leicester, Manchester, Wolverhampton, West Bromwich, Gloucester, Chatham, Oxford, and Bristol. On 16 December, the eve of Ellis's birthday, detectives opened up a fresh appeal into the murder, asking for witnesses to come forward.

The President of the Association of Chief Police Officers, Hugh Orde, wrote an opinion piece for the Guardian in the middle of the riots arguing against the use of water cannon and plastic bullets. Economically, they have too.

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And, of course, the bankers that triggered far more destruction and unemployment have been rewarded rather than facing similar punishment. In , Blair Peach died from injuries he sustained while on an anti-racist demonstration in London. He clearly thought that British citizens in London should not receive the same treatment he had meted out to British citizens in Ireland, but, that aside, his main argument was tactical. There is talk of evicting anyone convicted along with their family from council accommodation and stopping any benefits they claim. Cameron was so confident that he refused calls for a commission to investigate causes and recommend solutions — even though was arguably the greatest outbreak of disorder in London since the 18th century. Most of the looters and vandals are under 20, and they're destroying the same low-income neighborhoods they live in, where public housing is thick and job opportunities thin. Previous riots, they say, may have had social and political causes — deprivation, inequality, racism — but this time, these riots are an exception. Such encounters were experienced as humiliating and led to simmering anger. Prof Newburn, speaking ahead of the fifth anniversary of the outbreak of disorder in London , which then spread around the country, said there had not been enough improvement. Why the riot occurred is disputed by scholars and politicians. Gavrielides in an article published on the Guardian website , outlines his argument for engaging young people in the restoration and recovery process. Many seemed to be career criminals. It's almost poetic that when the riots broke out, the same ruling class that failed this angry "lost generation" was vacationing abroad, "parked on sun-loungers, as London burned.

This idiocy is all the more remarkable when we remember that the trigger for these riots was the police killing of Mark Duggan. This can give potential offenders a confidence boost. It is telling that the counter-argument that is trotted out, again and again, when poverty and exclusion are suggested as causes for the riots is the example of the individual who managed to escape the trap.

Police funding cuts may also play a role.

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Disaffected youths in this context might decide to opt out of the labour market altogether; they are bored and on-hand to make trouble given the right trigger event. Police mug shots do no-one any favours, but, all the same, the faces of many of those that have appeared in the papers seem to tell their own stories - of hardship, poverty, and exclusion. Last year in Greece three bank workers died in such a fashion and, apart from the tragedy of their deaths, this had a massive demobilising effect on the movement. Many lessons will be learned from the riots — and these will be explored at the conference. But in conscious political situations, such behaviour will normally be rapidly brought to a halt by other rioters having a word. The other bullet lodged in the radio of a fellow officer. The police kindly shared their data on 1, individuals who were arrested and subsequently charged with a criminal offense. A burnt-out building being doused with water. But if there is any common factor it is that the rioters were mostly from low-income backgrounds, suggesting that the long-term impact of the global economic downturn has helped to fan the flames, says Dr Paul Bagguley , a sociologist from the University of Leeds. However, this simplistic narrative, which views race in isolation from class oppression, has little explanatory power for the totality of the four nights of rioting. In Ireland questions remain to be answered about the deaths in custody of Terence Wheelock, John Maloney, and Brian Rossiter, among others. No-one is listening to them,no-one is speaking for them, and certainly no-one is planning to invest in their future. The family departed. If the rioters were, in many cases, multi-ethnic, these squads were often mono-ethnic and led by the local business owners. Apart from the first night in Tottenham, when the police were the focus of anger, the number of police injuries reported is a fraction of those that have resulted from incidents where the riot was either based around confronting the police or getting through police lines.

This makes the London riot especially intriguing for sociologists.

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