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Dagny, despite intense social and political opposition, uses Reardens revolutionary product, Rearden Metal, instead of steel to build her rail.

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Galt makes explicit to the strikers the moral code they had always implicitly accepted and lived bythe creed of an individuals right to pursue values and personal happiness.

He was initially quite favorable to it, and even after he and Rand ended their relationship, he still referred to it in an interview as "the greatest novel that has ever been written", although he found "a few things one can quarrel with in the book".

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Determined not to lose Daniels, she follows in her plane, and crash lands in the wildest, most remote reaches of the Colorado Rockies. Fascism, Communism, Socialism and all forms of statism involve the initiation of governmental force against the individual, thereby abrogating his fundamental right to his own life.

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Therefore, she too experiences a vibrant emotional life that directly flows from her devotion to the rational values required by human existence. Though by profession Ragnar is a philosopher, he chooses to fight the statists as a pirate. What does this say about the relative power of good and evil? Capitalism is often defended by appeal to the public good; that is, solely because its economic efficiency benefits society. This is at once a guide for new readers and a source of fresh insights for devotees. He drew a comparison with the antislavery novel Uncle Tom's Cabin , saying that a "skillful polemicist" did not need a refined literary style to have a political impact. Readers have also needed an account of the book's development, publication, and reception. Why is it that the second pair is an example of capitalism, but the first pair is not? Explain the meaning and wider significance of the following quote from Atlas Shrugged: The words to make money hold the essence of human morality. The Wright brotherstwo bicycle mechanics from Dayton, Ohio, who were self-educated in aeronautical engineeringsucceeded in the first manned, powered, heavier-than-air flight, thereby opening up the aviation age. It is because of Galts intransigent rationality that he identifies profound philosophical truths. It is her indomitable devotion to achievement that keeps trains running, keeping alive some degree of industrial production, enabling the statists corrupt system to temporarily stave off collapse. The hero, John Galt, conceives of the strike, then initiates it in action and brings it to successful resolution. They had grasped that individuality is a central, ineradicable part of human naturethat only individuals live, think, act and experience joy. She discovers that their leader is John Galtthe man of whom everybody speaksthe man for whom she has searched, because he is simultaneously the destroyer and the inventor of the motor.

Atlas Shrugged caricatures fascismsocialismcommunismand any state intervention in society, as allowing unproductive people to "leech" the hard-earned wealth of the productive, and Rand contends that the outcome of any individual's life is purely a function of its ability, and that any individual could overcome adverse circumstances, given ability and intelligence.

They refuse to work or participate in a society in which individuals have no rights, one in which all are enslaved by the state. He criticized the potential psychological impact of the novel, stating that John Galt's recommendation to respond to wrongdoing with "contempt and moral condemnation" clashes with the view of psychologists who say this only causes the wrongdoing to repeat itself.

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Galt, by withdrawing the mind from human society, precipitates decline on a global scale, demonstrating that when the cause of prosperity is removed, collapse is inevitable. Thompson, is due to address the nation regarding the causes of the current emergency. But she also rejected the notion that characters should be symbolic rather than realistic. Compared to many animal species, he is a physically unprepossessing creature. Why do some persons hate great men not for any flaws but precisely for their superb achievements? He is the storys most prominent villain, who opposes Dagny on every issue. For example, she shakes with excitement and panic when she realizes the true nature of the ruined motor left abandoned on a scrap heap. Ayn Rands story and theme establish that because nothing is given to man on earth, and all values must be created by his own effort, productivity is a major moral virtue. Each species, the author argues, is endowed by nature with specific means by which to attain survival. They return to the valley, where Galt and Dagny are free to pursue their relationship. Additionally, his playboy persona covers his invaluable activities as recruiting agent for the strike. But man has no great size, strength or speed.
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