Analysis of yusef facing it

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The poem tells the story about the violent war, which is difficult test for a person. There is a veteran now in his mind's eye, a white guy with pale eyes who seems to be floating, looking though him, straight through him. His reflection "eyes" him with the same eyes that rebelled against his self-control and gave proof to his emotional tumult through their tears. The Vietnam Veterans Memorial brings back many experiences in very real, life-like detail. This visit to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial causes him to reflect on things that were very painful. I'm flesh. The speaker, a war veteran, visits the 'Vietnam Veterans Memorial', which has been built to commemorate the personnel who were killed or have been missing in action in the war. Metaphor and visual imagery are heavily relied on literary devices in 'Facing It', by Yusef Komunyakaa. Originally his face was distinct but faded into the memorial as he came to terms with the depth of its meaning, and his emotions came to the surface. Lines Although he might move to the side, there is no escaping where he is. Especially, when these events are directly related to person, the memory reproduces every second of what happened. How to cite this page Choose cite format:. When a bird flies off it seems there are brush strokes - are they too brushing away the names?

So by line thirteen the reader has the scene set out in full. The things of everyday life often cause the memories to come flooding back.

Analysis of yusef facing it

That is why the poem is dramatic. For Yusef, the memorial is more that it appears; it is not just cold stone, but something he identifies with on a more deep and profound level. But no.

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Works cited Marvin, Thomas F. Hero, who identifies himself with the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, is allowing us to understand the atmosphere of the event and the sorrow of people affected by war.

I turn this way—the stone lets me go.

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As the black soldier studies the granite surface and the names, he sees reflected a woman's blouse. He feels in some ways as if his name should be alongside those he knew in Vietnam.

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“Facing It” Student Analysis